Foreign Worker Insurance

Financial relief to be compensated to the employer for death, hospitalization or repatriation of workers.

We assist in all insurance related to foreign workers, including the collection of financial relief for the employer in the event of death, hospitalization or repatriation of their foreign workers.

What is Foreign Worker Insurance

In Malaysia, foreign workers are employed in sectors of manufacturing, construction, plantation, agricultural, services and domestic help. All employers are subjected to protect their foreign workers with foreign worker insurance.

To fulfil your employer duties easily and without hassle, we may assist you with our wide selection of comprehensive coverage of insurance for your foreign workers. Our comprehensive coverage of insurance ensures that you meet the Malaysian Immigration requirements and take care for your employees according to the Workmen’s Compensation Act 1952.

Emergency repatriation expenses
Personal accident insurance for off-work hours
Hospitalisation (30 days)
In-hospital doctor visits
Surgical fees
Ambulance fees

Foreign Workers Insurance Guarantee (FWIG)

Foreign Workers Insurance Guarantee (FWIG) is a guarantee required by the Immigration Department from the employer as a security bond for the employment of foreign workers under Regulation 21 of the Immigration Regulations. FWIG is a security bond for deportation in the event that the foreign worker runs away and is arrested by the authorities. Duration of cover set by the Immigration Department is eighteen (18) months. A new FWIG is required upon renewing the foreign workers permit. The total premium payable varies depending on the nationality of the foreign worker.

NationalityIG amount (RM) per worker
Indonesia / Thailand / Cambodia250.00
Nepal / Myanmar / Pakistan / India / Sri Lanka / Loas750.00
Vietnam / Taiwan / China1,500.00

*Maximum Guarantee Amount per IG RM25,000.00

*Maximum Guarantee Amount RM 250,000.00

*Premium based on Worker’s Nationality and which ever higher

Foreign Workers Hospitalization and Surgical (FWHS or SKHPPA)

The Foreign Workers Hospitalisation and Surgical (FWHS or SKHPPA) is specially designed to reduce financial burdens of employers of foreign workers in the event of hospital admissions of their foreign workers due to an accident or illness. SKHPPA allows foreign workers a cashless admission into government hospitals under a Third (3rd) Class Room and Board basis. Total medical coverage limit is up to RM20,000 annually.

Schedule of Benefits RM 20,000.00

Daily hospital room & board (max.30 days)

As charged in accordance to charges consistent with Third (3 rd ) Class Room & Board to a maximum of RM 160.00 per day in a Non-Corporatised Malaysian Government Hospital in conformance to the charges specified under Perintah Fi (Perubatan) (Kos Perkhdmatan) 2014

Intensive Care Unit (ICU) (max.15 days)
Hospital supplies and services
Operating theatre
Surgical fees (excluding organ transplantation
Anaesthetist fees
In-hospital physician visits (max.30 days)
In-hospital specialist consultation visits (max.30 days)
Ambulance fees / medical report fees

Maids Insurance / Domestic Help Insurance

All foreign maids in Malaysia that have maid work permits are required to purchase Maid Insurance.

Our Maid Insurance / Domestic Help Insurance have an annual coverage of RM35,000 with the option for 13 months coverage or 26 months coverage.

Summary of Features and Benefits

Schedule Benefits Sum Insured (RM)
1 Personal Accident Insurance
i. Accident Death &
Permanent Disablement
ii. Medical Expenses (Excess:RM50.00)

2 Repatriation Expenses up to 5,000.00
3 Hospitalization & Surgical Expenses up to 5,000.00
4 Weekly Benefits @ RM105.00 per week (maximum 15 weeks) 105.00 per week

Foreign Worker PA

This product aims to provide supplementary benefits to top-up and to address the gaps in the coverage provided under the SOCSO scheme against the previously available Foreign Worker Compensation Scheme (FWCS). The policy provides cover on a 24-hour basis and the premium is priced at an affordable level.

Persons eligible for coverage under this policy are present and future full-time foreign workers of the Policyholder, who are actively engaged at their usual work.

The age of the Insured Person must be between 18 and 65 years old at the date of his/her inclusion in this policy and he/she physical deformity.

Summary of Features and Benefits

Schedule Benefits Sum Insured (RM)
1 Accident Death 30,000.00
2 Permanent Disablement 30,000.00
3 Medical and Surgical Expenses (aggregate limit per worker) Up to 1,500.00
4 Repatriation Expenses Up to 5,000.00
5 Loss of Levy due to Disappearance of workers (Optional Benefit) Up to 2,500.00

Option of Plans

Option 1 Foreign Worker PA (for Benefit 1 to Benefit 4 )

Option 2 Foreign Worker PA (for Benefit 1 to Benefit 5 )