Kilat Jalur Sdn Bhd

Our Story

We extend Human Resources Management consultations and services to corporate clients for managing manpower. Our company provides one-stop-in-house manpower recruitment solutions for various industries and services including manufacturing, constructions, agriculture, plantation, hotels and resorts, cleaning services and others.

We have been active in the sourcing and supplying of reliable and quality skilled, unskilled foreign workers from Bangladesh, Nepal, Vietnam, Myanmar, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and India.

What is Total Care Management?

Our company provides a comprehensive TOTAL CARE MANAGEMENT, where we simplify and reduce the stresses of recruitment by handling the entire management functions including:

Human Resource




VIsa/Work Permit
Renewal & Immigration
Related Services

All Related
Insurance Services

Kilat Jalur will assist our client's company in managing worker on an assignment basis depending on the client’s needs. All aspects of the worker's requirement will fall under the responsibility of Fukaza Resources. Hence, reducing the responsibilities of the client, allowing them to increase flexibility in managing workers.

Benefits to the client:
Reduce the responsibility of the client
Improve flexibility in managing workers
Increase production rates
Reduce the cost of production
Efficient, Effective, Flexible and Maximise Productivity

Industry Sectors

Fukaza provides an invaluable service to a range of industry sectors, with an in-depth understanding of the specific issues, working practices and safety concerns of each industry


We outsource workers for manufacturing sectors for example automotive, electronics, food industry, chemical industry, plastic and a number of manufacturing sector workers.


We outsource workers for construction sectors for example residential, road and building construction as well as a number of construction sector workers.


We outsource hotel staff, clerks, security, chefs and a number of service sector workers


We outsource plantation workers that are adept at the different tasks required at plantations.


We outsource agricultural workers who are experienced and skillful in the fields of agriculture.


We outsource logistics workers for the different logistical needs required by the client.