Agensi Perkerjaan Fukaza Sdn Bhd

Our Company

Our objective as a company is to help ensure that all our clients receive the most convenient and hassle-free processes when outsourcing workers.

By being with our clients every step of the way and going the extra mile, we ensure that we will reduce the difficult and problematic labour relation issues in order for your company to not only stay competitive but flourish.

We provide a wide range of workers for the different fields and also workers of different skill levels, ensuring that all your human resource needs can be met and your desires to be achieved. With the core of our business to assist you with all your human resource problems, we can help you stay concentrated on your business and leave the human resource problems with us.

Why Choose Us?

Our company is a dedicated human resources consulting agency that is led by a team of highly experienced individuals in the fields of executive search industries, who are committed to only providing excellent service. We pledge to build successful partnerships by providing quality local and foreign manpower to meet and fulfill all your labour needs.

To provide our clients with wide array of option to select potential candidate, we engaged with associate partners in overseas, such as Bangladesh, Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Myanmar, Nepal,Pakistan,Philippines, Sri Lanka, Vietnam and other source-labour countries. Our close-knit relationship with associate partners and our extensive experience in foreign labour industry enable us to source and fulfill our clients need.


We provide skilled and unskilled workers for all fields of work to accommodate all your human resource needs

Global Sourcing

Depending on your workforce requirements, we will provide quality workers from all approved countries in order to fulfill your human resource needs

Total Care Management

We will handle all aspects and process relating to the workforce from handling immigration and medical formalities to even hostel accommodation, making sure to cut your workload and make for a more stress-free and less workload outsourcing process

Customer Support

We are committed to providing exceptional and unparalleled services to all our clients, making sure that all our clients are attended to and provided with the best possible solutions